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Eating Methods of 159 Meal -Eat as You Want

Use boiling water (preferred) or very hot water between 200ml or 300ml (depends on the texture you like) with 1 package of 159.  After mixing, let it soak for 2 to 3 minutes.  The mixture will become creamier this way.

If you don’t like it too thick, you can add a bit more water. Though creamier ones last longer and you feel full longer.

Make sure you drink WATER Enough!!!!  Water helps you to get rid of the toxins in your body and help the fat cell burn.  When you feel your lips are dry, that means you are not drinking enough.

There are three ways to eat it:

1. Eat with your meal or as snack:

159 vegan meal is a balanced nutrition porridge.  You can eat 159 with your meals,   between meals or as snack.

Suitable for: someone doesn’t need to control weight, but hope to change the diet structure to adjust the health status,  including children, pregnant women and elders.

2. Meal replacement for one or two meals a day:

Use 159 as an alternative to your normal meals. According to your own circumstances, you eat 159  daily as the replacement of any one or two meals each day.   You may use it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I highly recommend if you have to replace one meal, use it for dinner. As you know dinner is the time we most likely to overeat and this meal really put weight on us. 🙂

Suitable for:  busy working people.  Someone has no time to cook all meals, want to control weight,  and hope to change the diet structure to adjust the health status.

3. 159 only—-Complete meal replacement:

159 is used to replace the normal three meals a day.  You can start with 3 days as experiment, recommend to try 7 days or 14 days.   Try to have 159 only and to avoid eating anything else.  It’s because by doing this you let your body fully into resting stage.  A lot of water is needed throughout the day , not less than three liters. Water helps your detox!!!

At least three packets each day. If you are hungry, add a packet.  It varies from 3-6 packets per day.

Suitable for:  someone who want to lose weight quickly in a healthy way.  Who want to have a faster detox results.

Warning:  If you are quite weak, you can start from meal replacement for one or two meals to ease in the detox.  Take 159 with your usual meal for about 7-15 day first.

7 day detox sample schedule:

5:00-7:00 eat 1 pack, then drinking 200ml after;

(9:30-10:00   eat 1 pack if you are hungry. optional)

11:00-13:00 eat 1 pack, then drinking 200ml after;

(2:30-3:00   eat 1 pack if you are hungry. optional)

17:00-19:00 eat 1 pack, then drinking 200ml after.

You can also try for 14 days or 21 days detox according to your physical condition.

Return to normal diet:

when you start to restore the normal meal after the replacement detox,  your body needs time to ease back into the normal diet.  Your stomach will be very clean, very sensitive after the detox.  If you suddenly return to your normal diet, this can cause harm to the body. Its better to restore the diet slowly to avoid stomach pain.

It is recommended to keep eating 159 for morning and evening meal, eat lunch normal.  Or you have three meals with soup, steamed veggies.

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    Nice article, I hear 159 from my chinese friend, it is really a good but healthy product ,thanks for sharing.

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