What’s Is 159?

Instead of the external stimulus from western medicines, 159’s dietary therapy is meant to recover human’s self healing power and functions.

159 treats the body as a whole instead of partially: when the body circulation start to self-heal, all the partial damage will naturally recover.

Usually 159 dietary therapy will recuperate constipation, obesity, insomnia, poor concentration, fatigue, loss of appetite, poor memory, skin gloss

The 159 dietary therapy is a special detoxification method, we call it the meal replacement treatment.

The treatment will give body a thoroughly filtration and cleansing, maintain purity of the body, promote harmony of human conditioning system, eliminate source of sickness.

The dietary therapy makes lightened the burden for liver, which in return cleans the toxins in blood While synthesis good immune vitality.

Who can eat 159?

Slim & Beauty

If you want to lose weight, start to change your diet first. 159,Clean the intestines, Improve constipation, Eliminate toxins, Improve immunity and Endocrine function. 159 meal is a good helper for men and women to lose weight.


Vegetarians who eat 159 can get calcium, iron, zinc and all the balanced nutrients from the nuts, beans, seeds, flowers and fruits, grapes and other kinds of materials.

Office Workers

Office employees are always busy, they rarely concerned about their own diet, 159 as a energy meal, it’s not only easy to enhance the immune system, but also enhance physical fitness.

Sub-health immunity 159 contains 159-kind of natural nutrients which can quickly enhance the body immunity.

Pregnant Women

All kinds of nuts, grains, algae can provide a rich folic acid and zinc, Omega 3 to ensure offer a comprehensive nutrition for the growth of the child.

159 contains nuts, walnuts, hazelnut kernel, black sesame seeds, flax seed in the Omega 3 which increase Children & adolescents cognitive abilities also in young, Middle-aged and elderly.Pineapple, hemp seed, sea buckthorn seed contained in 159, is an essential part of longevity.


159 can effectively reduce blood sugar, relieve high blood lipids, reduce the amount of medication.

159 Full vegetarian meal list of ingredients

Grains: rice , Coix Seed ,black rice , corn, buckwheat , oats ,broomcorn millet , brown rice ,Sorghum , wheat , barley , soybeans , greaterblack beans , black beans , red beans , green beans ,Peas , beans , chickpeas , lentils , beans ,greenpeas , kidney beans , peas , soybeans ,string beans , long beans , ridge boatbeans , cowpea

Nuts: pecans , hazelnut , pine nuts , pistachio, almonds , sunflower seeds , peanuts , ginkgo nuts

Seeds: watermelon seeds , pumpkin seeds , grapesseeds , cucumber seeds , basil seeds , lettuce seeds , Brassica juncea seeds ,waxgourd seeds , bitter gourd seeds , square melon seeds , chayote seeds,towelgourd seeds, gourd seeds , squash seeds , zucchini seeds, horn melon seeds , celeryseeds, parsley seeds , radish seeds , cauliflower , broccoli seeds , kohlrabiseeds , spinach seeds ,endive seeds ,pomegranate seeds, cabbage seeds , amaranthusdubius seeds , carrot seeds ,cedar seeds , kale seeds , Chrysanthemum seeds , rapeseeds , black sesame , white sesame , seabuckthorn seeds , cassia seeds , radishseeds , jujube seeds , hemp seeds ,pine pollen mushroom and algae: Hazelmushroom , Hericium ,black fungus , Russula ,matsutake , poria , white fungus , morel , Lentinusedodes , red mushroom, winter mushroom , great spirulina , kelp , seaweed

Flowers: red rose petals , liac , chrysanthemumsophora japonica , Seville orange flower ,white lupine flowers , honeysuckle , DanFengpeony ,tea flower

Other: wolfberry ,red dates , peppers

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Showing all 5 results